Ring-like structures of frequency domains of wavelets (with Z. Zhang), Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, vol.29, no.1, pp.18-29, 2010.


It is well known that the global frequency domain of any orthonormal wavelet has a hole which contains the origin, viz. the frequency domain possesses a ring-like structure Ω = S \ S* (0 ∈ S* ⊂ S). We show that under some weak conditions, the set S and the hole S* are determined uniquely by Ω, where the size of the hole S* satisfies 0 ∈ S/4 ⊂ S* ⊂ S/2 and the union of 4πν-translations (νZd) of S is the whole space Rd. Meanwhile, we give the corresponding converse theorem. We also show an interesting result: there is no orthonormal wavelet whose global frequency domain is the difference set of two balls. Finally, in order to explain our theory, we construct various global frequency domains and explain a general method of the construction of a wavelet with a given frequency domain.

Keywords: global frequency domain, orthonormal wavelet, regular set

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