Information for speakers

to the Algebra and Discrete Mathematics Seminar

Where:   We meet in TBD MSB.     bldg    

MSB ( the Mathematical Sciences Building ) is located in the south part of campus, not far from the corner of La Rue Road and California Ave. We even have an official address on Crocker Lane. Note-- in 2005 (?) we moved to a NEW building and are no longer in Kerr Hall.  See the campus map , and more details below.

When:     11am-11:50am     Tuesdays     in 2112??MSB

The seminar meets Tuesdays at 11 in Spring 2024.

There are other activities and reading seminars going on you may want to participate in if you have time during your visit.

 Sean Griffin's office is MSB 3138, phone: ????
 Alex McDonough's office is MSB 2224, phone: ????
 Daping Weng's office is MSB 3151, phone: ????
  Monica's office is 3224 MSB , phone: 530-754-0498
 Anne's office is 3222 MSB, phone: (530) 754-0497 (but sometimes she'll be in 1130 doing chair business)      
 Matthias' office is 3143 MSB, (530) 754-0479
 Fu's office is MSB 3220 , phone: (530) 754-0496
 Jesus's office is 3228 MSB phone: (530)754-0502        
 Eric's office is MSB 2109, phone 530-754-0306
 Greg's office is MSB 2216 , phone: (530) ??
 Eugene's office is MSB 2113 , phone: (530) 754-0307
 Erik's office is MSB 2101 , phone: (530) 754-0274

Click here to see the local weather in Davis.

Directions and transportation

(All of this information can be found at .)

Airplane: The most convenient airport is Sacramento (SMF) which is 30 minutes by car from the Davis campus. (Unless you are spending time in the Bay Area, avoid flying into SFO or OAK - go straight to SMF.) The Davis Airporter limousine service [telephone (530) 756-6715] runs between Davis and the Sacramento airport, costs around $?? (the site says can be as little as $25).  (Save your receipts!)   (See also )
These days most people take a Lyft or Uber instead of the Airporter. The price varies by time of day, maybe $30-$50??

The Yolo bus is also a GREAT cheap alternative, but only runs hourly which might make it inconvenient depending on your flight time. Travel time btwn campus and airport is roughly 45 min and only $2 (exact fare); not too bad. Take the 42B from airport to Davis (and the 42A if you are going from Davis to airport .)

Driving and Parking:   To park on campus you need to download the free AMP Park app on your iPhone . or Android . on your phone and follow the directions. (we no longer use ParkMobile) See . To make life easier -- before leaving for Davis (1) download the app (2) associate your car license plate to the account (3) link a credit card. It will be less stressful to do it ahead of time versus on arrival.  This should allow you to park in visitor Lot 47 off of La Rue Road. But not the A lots 46,44 unless you maybe have special reciprocity from another UC or pay extra in the app for an A+ spot. I just found out from Milen that lot L (in back of the parking structure that is opposite the Mondavi center) may be a better bet -- similar distance but more likely to have open spots.
Without a smartphone, paying for parking on campus will be quite difficult. But if you read the bottom of the page, you will see how to do so from a home computer or regular phone.

The Mathematics Department is located primarily on the second and third floor of MSB pictured here.  bldg2 Here is a larger UC Davis Campus Map.

Davis is on Interstate 80, about 12 miles west of Sacramento and 75 miles east of San Francisco, and 65 miles east of Berkeley. (Depending on how fast you drive, allow 70-100 minutes to get to Davis from Berkeley.)

Public transport:

There is a  UCB-UCD shuttle,  but its current schedule is very limited.     In October 2009 they changed the way they do reservations and tickets, so please go online for updated info. You must make a reservation online and purchase online as well--but in order to do this, you must be a UC affiliate. We are looking into whether our staff can buy it on your behalf.     Check the website to see if these timetables are still current! There is a 11:30am UCB to UCD shuttle one can take that will get you do Davis at 1pm, and there is a 4:30pm UCD to UCB shuttle one can take back to Berkeley, depending on how that fits with this quarter's times for the seminar.    If you are not a UC affiliate and would like a ticket, contact staff about a week in advance. You must have a ticket in advance to ride the shuttle.

Another great option for going home is the Davis-Berkeley VanPool. You can show up on the spot (at a parking lot near the Music Building , across from Shields Library) before 5:10pm and if there is room, pay about $12 and just ride it to El Cerrito Bart. It reaches there about 6:10pm. In the morning it leaves from a side street near BART at about 7 or 7:30am.

The Amtrak train :
The station in Davis is located at 840 2nd St..  From here, walk about 8 blocks west, down 2nd Street, to campus. Then it is still a 15 minute walk to MSB.
Several faculty take the train regularly, so you might ask to connect with one of them.

If coming from the Bay Area, you may take BART to the Richmond stop, exit BART and cross the platform to Amtrak, and take  a Capitol Corridor train to Davis.  You may also catch an Amtrak train in Emeryville or the end of University Avenue in Berkeley (3rd and University).  Tickets can be purchased from a vending-type-machine if the station has no conductor or even on the train itself (save your receipts!).   But I recommend you buy at least a one-way online in advance; makes it easier.     Some schedules are here.  (Times are subject to change (last updated May17) -- check Amtrak website to be certain. Or phone 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245). One can check train status at this number as well, most easily if you remember the train number, e.g. 526. In fact, I recommend train 528 which reaches Davis at 11:47am.)
The train ride is roughly 90 minutes, and the Davis station is quite near campus. While it often leaves from Berkeley/Richmond on time, it can pause on the way and get you into Davis a bit late, but still in plenty of time for your noon talk. The train is quite comfortable.

Walking from the train to campus: If you do take the train, getting a campus map from staff is still a good idea. From the train, walk west down 2nd street. (or bike if you brought your bike on the train!!!) You'll pass G, F, ... , eventually A Street. Then you will hit campus. Getting to MSB is now slightly windy. If you continue in pretty much a straight line, you will reach California Ave (En route you will pass the Quad on your left and Memorial Union on your right). Make a left on California and walk south for about 15 minutes. You will pass a traffic circle and the Silo/ Bike Barn. After that try to walk in as straight a line as possible, keeping Bainer on your right and Roessler on your left. The road will again become California Ave more clearly, and MSB will be on your right, just past Crocker. The following detailed map may be useful.