UC Davis Mathematics

Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors help you to pick upper-division courses and enrichment classes. They also can approve major modifications and capstone internships, as well as provide guidance post-graduation opportunities.

Faculty AdvisorEmailRoomFocus
Prof. Janko Gravner gravner@math.ucdavis.edu MSB 3210

Mathematics (Plan 1 - General)

Dr. Ali Dad-Del daddel@math.ucdavis.edu MSB 2135

Mathematics (Plan 2 - Secondary Teaching)

Prof. Joseph Biello   biello@math.ucdavis.edu   MSB 3150 Applied Mathematics
Prof. Albert Fannjiang fannjiang@math.ucdavis.edu MSB 3226 Mathematical Analytics & Operations Research
Prof. Craig Benham cjbenham@ucdavis.edu MSB 2144

 Applied Math / Math and Scientific Computation

Prof. James Bremer jcbremer@ucdavis.edu MSB 2230  Mathematics (Plan 1 - General)/ Math and Scientific Computation

Undergraduate Research Advisor

The undergraduate research adviser is a faculty member who has agreed to help students with all details related to a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU). Primary responsibilities include helping students on finding a mentor, selecting students for available fellowships, and advertising other REU programs and fellowships outside of UC Davis.

Prof. Niels Gronbech-Jensen | undergradresearch@math.ucdavis.edu | MSB 3212