A minor in the Department of Mathematics consists of completing 20 units in upper division mathematics courses exclusive of MAT 192, 197TC, 198, and 199. Courses used to satisfy the requirements of a minor, including those completed elsewhere, must be approved by an adviser in the sponsoring department or program. You are also expected to complete all courses that are prerequisite to the upper division courses required for the minor. Minors offered by the College of Letters and Science do not require that a portion of the units be completed at UC Davis.

To request certification of a minor, you must have a grade point average of 2.0 in all courses required for the minor. At most, one course used in satisfaction of your mathematics minor may be applied to your major. If you elect more than one minor, these minors may not have any courses in common. The minor must be outside the department or program of the major. You can elect only one minor in a subject area. Requirements for the minor must be met by the time of graduation.

If you want to have completion of a minor certified on your transcript, you must obtain a minor petition from the College of your major, and file it no later than the deadline for filing for graduation. For majors in the College of Letters and Science, the form, Declare a Minor, may be filled out online here.

Math Minor Planning