Cooper Kauri Jacob
Second-year graduate student in pure Mathematics at University of California, Davis.
cooperjacob [AT] math [DOT] ucdavis [DOT] edu
MSB 2137

Research Interests.
Differential Geometry, Geometric Analysis, Hyperbolic Manifolds.

Teaching Assistantships.
Winter 2018: Math 22A (Puckett)
Fall 2017: Math 22A (Carlsson)
Spring 2017: Math 22A (Strohmer)
Winter 2017: Math 21C (Carlsson), Discussion Sections B03 and B05, Thursday 4:10-5:00pm and 5:10-6:00pm
Fall 2016: Math 21A (Hass), Discussion Section E01, Thursday 3:10-4:00pm

Graduate Coursework (UC Davis)

Fall 2017:
Problem Solving in Analysis (Math 200)
Topology, first quarter (Math 215A)
Complex Manifolds (Math 241, UC Berkeley (Intercampus Exchange program))

Spring 2017:
Graduate Analysis, third quarter (Math 201C)
Complex Analysis, second quarter (Math 205B)
Differential Topology (Math 239)
Hyperbolic Manifolds (Reading Group) (Math 290)

Winter 2017:
Graduate Analysis, second quarter (Math 201B)
Graduate Algebra, second quarter (Math 250B)
Differential Geometry and General Relativity (Topics Class) (Math 280)

Fall 2016:
Graduate Analysis, first quarter (Math 201A)
Three-Dimensional Geometry and Topology (Reading Course) (Math 299)
Teaching Assistantship Training (Math 390)
Graduate Algebra, first quarter (Math 250A) (audited)
Riemannian Geometry (Math 240, UC Berkeley) (audited)

Undergraduate Coursework (UC Berkeley)

Spring 2016:
Experimental Math (Introduction to Research Via Knot Theory) (Math 191)
Supervised Independent Study (Manifold Theory) (Math 199)
Electromagnetism and Optics, first semester (Physics 110A)
Elementary Differential Topology (Math 141) (audited)

Fall 2015:
Cryptography (Math 116)
Metric Differential Geometry (Math 140)
Groups, Rings, and Fields (Math 250A)

Summer 2015:
Complex Analysis (Math 185)

Spring 2015:
Abstract Algebra II (Math 114)
Numerical Analysis (Math 128A)
Incompleteness and Undecidability (Math 136)
Experimental Math (Combinatorial Topology) (Math 191)

Fall 2014:
Introduction to Analysis (Math 104)
Linear Algebra (Math 110)
Introduction to Abstract Algebra (Math 113)