• Steffen Docken
    Ph.D. Candidate, Applied Mathematics, UC Davis
    (Joint with Colleen Clancy, Pharmacology, UC Davis)
  • Tom Chartrand
    Ph.D. Candidate, Applied Mathematics, UC Davis
    (Joint with Mark Goldman, Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior, UC Davis)
  • past

  • Jiawei Zhang
    Ph.D. Candidate, Applied Mathematics, UC Davis 2013
    Thesis: Limb Coordination in Crustacean Swimming: The Underlying Neural Mechanisms and Fluid Dynamics. PDF.
    positions: Courant Institute Instructor/Postdoctoral Fellow, Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences, New York University (2013-2016);
    Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Univesity of Arizona (2016-present)
  • Michael Schwemmer
    Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, UC Davis 2010
    Thesis: The Influence of Dendritic Properties on the Dynamics of Oscillatory Neurons. PDF.
    positions: Postdoctoral Fellow, Applied Mathematics, Princeton University (2010-2012);
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Mathematical Biosciences Institute (2012-2015);
    Battelle Memorial Research Institute, Columbus, OH (2015-present)
  • Tamara Joy Schlichter,
    Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, UC Davis 2011
    Thesis: Modeling the Dynamics of Central Pattern Generators and Anesthetic Action. PDF.
    positions: Events Coordinator, New York, NY.
  • Colin Middleton
    M.S., Applied Mathematics, UC Davis 2011
    Thesis: The Effects of Potassium Conductances on the Synchronization of Electrically Coupled Neural Oscillators. PDF.
    positions: Data analyst developing SQL code for an accounting firm, Atlanta, GA.
  • Jie (Vivian) Zhang
    M.S. Applied Mathematics, UC Davis 2008
    Thesis: Wave Propagation in Spike Response Models of Neuronal Networks Connected by Electrical and Inhibitory Coupling. PDF.
    positions: maternity leave (previously: Statistical Analysis Consultant, Los Angeles, CA)

  • Undergraduate Students
    * indicates participant in a research program for minorities and underrepresented students.

    past students:

  • Carter Johnson, 2013-2015 (Integrative Studies Program, VIGRE-NSF) senior thesis.
  • Masumi Sugiyama, 2013-2014 (Integrative Studies Program)
  • Gabrielle Chwalik, 2012-2013 (VIGRE-NSF)
  • Matthew Kimmerle, Summer 2013
  • Chieu Vuong*, Summer 2013 (MURRPS, NSF-TL)
  • Matthew Halbasch, Summer 2013 (VIGRE, NSF-TL)
  • Noah Doss*, 2010-2012 (MURRPS, VIGRE-NSF)
  • Mitchal Dichter, 2011-2012 (VIGRE-NSF) senior thesis.
  • Hoang Nguyen*, Spring 2010 (MURRPS)
  • Andy Huang*, Spring, Summer 2009 (McNair, NSF-TL)
  • Benny Bray*, Spring 2008 (MURRPS)
  • Anabel Sotelo*, Spring 2008 (MURRPS)
  • Daniela Palmer*, Summer 2009, 2010 (NSF VIGRE, MURRPS)
  • Charles Rogers*, Summer 2007 (UCD SURP)
  • James Pfeiffer, Summer 2007 (NSF VIGRE)
  • Joel Gutierrez*, 2007
  • Yaroslav Gelfand, 2006
  • FeiYang Wu, Summer 2005, 2006 (NSF VIGRE, NSF-TL)
  • Onyi Lam, Summer 2005 (NSF VIGRE)
  • Imran Chaugule, Summer 2005 (NSF VIGRE)
  • Ashish Hingrajia, Summer 2005 (NSF VIGRE),
  • Nick Heiser, Summer 2005 (NSF VIGRE),