The DRP matches undergraduate (mentees) with math graduate students (mentors) to read on a math topic that is not typically covered in our classes. This is a chance for undergraduates to dive deeper into math, have one on one discussions with experts, and explore a fun new topic with their mentors.

The DRP is offering a new program "Spring Seminars" in Spring quarter 2024. Math grad students and postdocs have created the following informal seminars that will meet weekly with about 10 undergraduate students. If you are interested in exploring some new mathematics by working with a small group and collaborating with a mentor, check out our Spring Seminar page

Visit the sign-up page to apply to be a mentee or mentor

Our standard DRP program for 2023-2024 will have a two quarter fall-winter session. Undergraduate mentees are expected to spend at least 4 hours a week on their reading. Mentors and mentees will meet weekly to discuss the reading and questions. At the end of each session we will hold a conference where undergraduate mentees will present what they have learned.

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2023-2024 organizers: Connor Fitzgerald, Mary Claire Simone, Peyton Wood, Soyeon Kim, Laura Starkston (faculty mentor)