Math 207C
Applied Mathematics
Perturbation and Asympotic Methods
Spring Quarter 2016

   Office Hours:
Professor Bob Guy
MSB 2136
Monday 4:15-5:30
Tuesday 1:30-3:00
Wednesday 3:15-4:00
Friday 3:15-4:00

Introduction to Perturbation Methods, Mark H. Holmes, 2nd Ed., Texts in Applied Mathematics 20, Springer, 2013. (An e-book is available from the UCD Library).

Homework and announcements will be posted here.

 MWF 12:10-1:00 in Wellman 207

   Office Hours:
Yunshen Zhou
MSB 3229
Thursday 2-4

Homework and Exams
You are encouraged to talk with your classmates about homework problems. However, you must do your own write-up. All aspects of your write up must be clearly presented. Homework assignments will be posted on the webpage. Homework will be assigned approximately every week or every other week.

We will have a midterm and a final exam.

Homework 1, Due Friday, April 8th
Homework 2, Due Friday, April 15th
Homework 3, Due Friday, April 22nd
Homework 4, Due Friday, April 28th
Midterm exam will be Friday, May 6th!
Homework 5, Due Monday, May 9th.
Homework 6, Due Friday, May 20th.
Homework 7, Due Friday, May 27th.
Homework 8, Due Friday, June 3rd.

Your grade will be based on your Exam and homework assignments.
Homework 50%
Midterm 20%
Final Exam 30%

What we will cover

Other Books
You may find it useful to read other books on this subject in addition to the textbook.  There are many.  Some suggestions are listed below.