Math 280: Quantum Probability

Instructor: Greg Kuperberg (greg@math)
Quarter:Fall 2018
Lectures:TuTh 12:10pm – 1:30pm, MSB 3106
Office Hours:Fridays 2pm – 3pm, or after class or just whenever, MSB 2216


This course will be a rigorous, mathematical introduction to quantum probability, including elements of quantum information, quantum mechanics, and quantum computation. We will not visit the non-rigorous topic of quantum field theory. I plan to post occasional homework and organize class projects. Grading will be informal, but I expect good-faith class participation.

Homework and materials

Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, by Nielsen and Chuang. (The main textbook of the field.)
My notes on quantum probability, under development. (They definitely need more development.)

Homework 1, due Tuesday, October 23.
Homework 2, due Tuesday, November 6.
Homework 3, due Tuesday, November 27.
Homework 4, due Thursday, December 13.

Academic code

Behold, the academic code. I don't know why it would be needed for this class, but I am supposed to have a link to it.