FALL 1995

Table of Contents

  • Joel Hass solves the 2,000-year old Double Bubble Problem
  • Angela Cheer wins NSF Career Advancement Award
  • Two Applied Mathematicians join the Department
  • Profile of the five new Davis Research Assistant Professors
  • Davis Faculty brings many Extramural Grants to Campus
  • Graduate Program
  • W. K. Schwarze Scholarship awarded to Lynelle Lang
  • Undergraduate Students receive Departmental Honors
  • Will C. Buck wins the Second Robert Lewis Wasser Prize
  • Nancy Heinschel wins Many Awards
  • Tate Birnie named Undergraduate Peer Advisor
  • Emeriti News
  • Miscellaneous News
  • Message to the Alumni
  • Messages from the Alumni
  • Alumni News
  • Credits

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