Monica Vazirani
Professor of Mathematics

Research Interests

Representation theory, combinatorics, discrete math, Hecke algebras
crystal graphs, DAHA, KLR algebras, parking functions



In 04-05 I was the faculty adviser for the UC Davis Math Club .
I am currently involved in Math Cafe, a mathematics-related club at the University of California, Davis, founded with the goal of encouraging students to succeed and continue their educations in mathematic fields. It seeks for ways to let students tackle mathematics more comfortably and confidently outside of the classroom. The main focus is on females as they are an underrepresented minority in mathematics, but all people are welcome to visit. Winter13 MathCafe meets Wednesday Evenings 4:00 - 6:00 PM 114 North Hall (Women's Center Library).

If you are speaking in the Discrete Mathematics Seminar here is some information for speakers.


Contact Information

Office: 3224 MSB (Mathematical Sciences Building)
Phone:new, my skype-in phone is: 530 554 2596 (old phone was : (530) 752-2218)
Fax: (530) 752.6635
Mailing address:

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