Lectures: MWF 12:10pm-1:00pm, Lectures at WELLMAN 229.

Discussion: Th 6:10-7pm, at VEIMEYER 116.

Instructor: Prof. Jesús A. De Loera.
Phone: (530)-554 97 02

Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 1:30am-2:30pm or by appointment. My office is 3228 Mathematical Science Building (MSB).

The Lead TA for this class is Mr. Robert Scherer. His office hours are 5:15pm-6:15pm at 2204 MSB (he can also help with special questions about grades, etc if I am not available).

You can also consult any TA at the calculus room (3118 MSB). It is open from 11am to 6pm (may close on university holidays).

We will be glad to help you with any questions, problems or concerns you may have!

Text: I will follow Neuhauser's Calculus for Biology and Medicine. (3rd ed.) 2011, ISBN 9780321644688. (Find out about the UC Davis inclusive access program and information on how to opt out on In lecture I will supplement the text with examples and exercises

Course Description This course covers Multivariable Calculus (chapter 10 sections 10.1-10.5 and 10.6.2) Systems of Differential Equations (chapter 11), and Probability (chapter 12.1-3), with an emphasis on applications to biology and medicine.

Grading policy: There are 100 points possible in the course, distributed as follows: Please mark your calendars! and make plans accordingly.

Important Notes:

I am here to help you, I will be very happy to talk to you about any question or idea you had and I hope you will enjoy learning this beautiful topic!


ALL slides used in class

Homework 1 Due April 13

Homework 2 Due April 20

Homework 3 Due April 27

The FIRST MIDTERM will take place May 5th in class
It will include all material covered in homeworks 1,2,3 (Chapter 10)
NOTE: Homework 4 is only due May 8 and will be tested in Second Midterm, but contains 5 review questions for midterm 1.

Homework 4 Due May 8

Homework 5 Due May 18

Homework 6, Due May 29

(last!) Homework 7, Due June 8. Contains review problems for Midterm 2

SECOND MIDTERM will take place June 7th.
It will cover all material present in homeworks 5,6,7

REVIEW SESSION FOR FINAL EXAM On Thursday June 8th discussion there will be a review session for the final exam. A review problem set will be distributed in advance. See review problems .