Homology of torus (and other) knots: what do we know?

We plan to discuss recent progress in understanding HOMFLY-PT homology of torus links, and related algebro-geometric models. The main goal is to orient the audience (and the speakers) in the existing literature, and get a clear understanding of the status of various conjectures.

Picture credit: [DGR]
Contact: Eugene Gorsky
The seminar meets tentatively on Wednesdays at 9-10am US Pacific time= 12-1 US Eastern time = 6pm Central European Time.


3/31 Introduction, definition of HOMFLY homology, y-ification [KhS,GH] notes

4/7 Explicit computations: recursions, full twist [H,HM,GH] notes

4/14 Guest lecture: Anton Mellit notes

4/21 Anton continues notes

4/8 Singular curves: Hilbert schemes, affine Springer fibers [ORS,Hik,GM,GMV2] notes

5/5 Guest lecture: Oscar Kivinen [K] notes

5/12 Guest lecture: Pavel Galashin [GL,GL2] typed notes , handwritten notes .

5/19 Banff workshop

5/26 Braid varieties [MChar,CGGS,CGGS2] notes

6/2 Hilb(C^2): overview [Hai,GNR,OR] notes


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AIM Research community on link homology

FRG workshop Categorical braid group actions and categorical representation theory.
June 14-18, 2021, University of Massachusetts

Jake Rasmussen's lectures at WARTHOG, 2016.

Problem list from an AIM workshop in 2018
(note: quite a few problems from the list have been solved).

Focused Research Group "Algebra and Geometry Behind Link Homology"