Math 250A, Algebra

Fall 2021

MWF 10-10:50 AM, MSB 2112

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About the course:

Professor: Elena Fuchs
Office: Zoom link on Canvas
Email: efuchs at math dot ucdavis dot edu
Office hours: Th 9:10AM-10:50AM on Zoom (see Canvas announcement for Zoom link)
TA: Matt Litman (mclitman at ucdavis dot edu)
Discussion: Tuesdays 10-10:50AM, MSB 2112
TA Office hours: Wednesdays 1-2PM on Zoom

Course Comments:

The 250 series is meant to equip the graduate student with a thorough background in Algebra, in particular in preparation for the preliminary exam. For 250A, this will include, very roughly, various standard important theorems on groups, fields, and Galois theory.

The assumption is that students taking this course have a solid background in undergraduate algebra. Another assumption is that students will read about the basic notions in the text, and digest these notions, as well as those covered in class, through weekly homework assignments. Being able to read up on topics independently is an important skill every graduate student should work to develop. There is a lot of material to cover, and so class time will be devoted only to main theorems and applications thereof: for example, definitions which you should either have seen in undergraduate algebra or could easily grasp by reading your favorite Algebra book will not be covered during class time. On the other hand, we will cover some material in class that is either not emphasized in most standard books or deferred to exercises.

To make it easier for you to prepare for the lectures, I will post in advance a weekly list of concepts we will cover in class, as well as notions that I will assume you know throughout each lecture on this website.

COVID Course Comments:
This course will be taught in person, with the regulation set by the university in place. Office hours are remote to allow for some amount of social distancing (not possible in my small office if several of you show up).

About the text:

There is no required text for this class. Some books you may consider learning from alongside the lectures are below. If you are to purchase a new book, I would purchase Dummit and Foote.


Grades will be based on weekly homework assignments (40%), one two-hour midterm (25%), and one three-hour final (35%). Dates and times TBA. Most homeworks (unless otherwise noted) will be due on Fridays on Canvas (submitted online) at 11:59PM. Collaboration on the homework is encouraged, but please do cite any sources which helped you to complete the assignment. No late homeworks will be accepted!

Supplementary notes:

Course schedule:

Homework assignments:
Some or all solutions will be posted on our course page on Canvas once homeworks are handed in.