Naoki's Selected Talk Slides

The following talk slides showcase some (not all) of the research projects conducted by me and my group.

  • Multiscale Graph Basis Dictionaries
  • Natural Constructions of Smooth Graph Wavelet Packets
  • The extended Generalized Haar-Walsh Transform (eGHWT)
  • The First Steps toward Building Natural Graph Wavelets
  • How Can We Naturally Sort and Organize Graph Laplacian Eigenvectors?
  • Handling Acoustic Scattering via Scattering Transforms
  • Three Excursions around Laplacians
  • Matrix Data Analysis using Hierarchical Co-Clustering and Multiscale Basis Dictionaries on Graphs
  • Multiscale Basis Dictionaries on Graphs and Their Applications to Matrix Data Analysis and Signal Segmentation
  • Time-Frequency Feature Extraction via Synchrosqueezing Transform and Its Application to Data Sonification
  • Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis on Graphs and Networks: Tools and Applications
  • Laplacian Eigenfunctions: Foundations and Applications
  • Mysteries around Graph Laplacian Eigenvalue 4
  • On the Localization Behavior of Graph Laplacian Eigenfunctions
  • Laplacian Eigenfunctions That Do Not Feel the Boundary: Theory, Computation, and Applications
  • Signal Ensemble Classification on Manifolds
  • Amplitude and Phase Factorization of Signals via Blaschke Product and Its Applications
  • Analysis of Neuronal Dendrite Patterns Using Graph Laplacians
  • Classification of Underwater Objects Using Synthetic Aperture Sonar Images and Waveforms
  • Recent Advances in Image Analysis: On the Use of Laplacian Eigenfunctions for Images and Datasets
  • Polyharmonic Local Cosine Transform for Improving the Reproduction Quality of JPEG-Compressed Images
  • The Spike Process: A Simple Test Case for Independent or Sparse Component Analysis
  • Toward a Realization of Marr's Theory of Primal Sketches via Autocorrelation Wavelets: Image Representation using Multiscale Edge Information
  • Adapted Feature Extraction and Its Applications (Tutorial on the Local Discriminant Basis Methods)

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