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Property P


Speaker: Dongseok Kim, UC Davis Mathematics
Location: 593 Kerr
Start time: Tue, Nov 7 2000, 2:00PM

A knot K in S^3 has Property P if every nontrivial surgery yields non-simply connected manifold. Early 70's, it has been conjectured that every nontrivial knot in S^3 has Property P. Since then there have been a lot of progress on this problem. For details one can find in Kirby problem set 1.15. We will start to show Torus knots have Property P algebraically. Recently there is a paper, Positive knots and knots with braid index three have Property P, by W. Menasco and X. Zhang (GT0010154 in front) and I will be talking about this paper. (reading introduction of this paper will also help to understand history of Property P).