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MAT 22AL: Linear Algebra Computer Lab

Approved: 2005-03-01 (revised 2021-12-08, Dad-Del)
Suggested Textbook: (actual textbook varies by instructor; check your instructor)

MAT 016C or MAT 017C or MAT 021C or MAT 021CH.
Suggested Schedule:





Introduction and basic MATLAB commands


Matrix Operations; Solving linear systems


Plotting graphs; Linear Transformations in R2


Inverse of a Matrix, LU Factorization


Vector space: Linear Combinations, Spanning set, Linear independence, Basis


Fundamental sunspace of a matrix (Row space, Column space, Null space)


Least Square Solutions




Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Learning Goals:
Students will learn the basic operation working with MATLAB software. Student will experience matrix operation using MATLAB, and discover properties of Matrices and its operations by interacting with MATLAB. Students will learn about some applications of Linear Algebra and doing examples to represent concepts covered in their Linear Algebra course. Students will learn how to create m-files and use them for simple programming in MATLAB. Students will learn how to use MATLAB to simulate and repeat some of the algorithms used in their linear algebra course. Students will learn how to create two or three dimensional graphs in MATLAB.

This course is an introduction to use MATLAB to enhance understanding of concepts and applications of Linear Algebra. Enhances analytic and problem solving skills of students.

Mastery of this course enhances development of clear analytical thinking, computing skills, problem solving skills.
Students are required to do and submit a weekly LAB assignment, which consists of computational and conceptual segments to assess their mastery in use of MATLAB in applying concepts of Linear Algebra.