Alice Siu-Fun Leung Scholarship in Mathematics

Alice Siu-Fun Leung received a Master's degree in Mathematics in 1975 from UC Davis. According to her sister, she held a very special place for the campus and often hoped to come back for visits. However, her work as a global property management accountant in Hong Kong prevented this from happening. In her will, Ms. Leung generously provided an endowment to award scholarships annually to graduate students in Mathematics. This award is given to students who have shown exceptional promise in all aspects of mathematics, including research, scholarship, and teaching.

For whom is this award given?

This scholarship is given to a graduate student who has shown excellence in Mathematics, including research, scholarship, and teaching. A graduate student in any of the graduate Mathematics programs is eligible to receive this award. Excellent promise in mathematical research is an essential factor in choosing a recipient of this award. Excellence in scholarship is also an important consideration, as judged by the criteria of the graduate mathematics program in which the student is enrolled. Graduate Studies and University of California regulations regarding the granting of fellowships will apply to this scholarship. In particular, Graduate Studies guidelines on minimum GPA requirements will be followed.

Who is eligible?

Any new or continuing student — domestic or international — in either graduate program in the Department of Mathematics at UC Davis is eligible. Candidates must exemplify excellent promise in research, scholarship, and teaching. Preference will be given to students who have not previously won this scholarship.

What is the award amount?

Typically $2,000.00 is awarded to a recipient. However, more than one award can be given in the same year, if funding is available.

What is the selection process?

Each year a call for nominations will be made by the Department's Student Services Office to obtain candidates. This call will be distributed to all faculty and graduate students in the Department. Faculty affiliated with the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics (GGAM) will also receive this call.

Faculty members are encouraged to nominate his/her student or a graduate student may self-nominate his/her name for consideration. Candidates are then asked to submit an application to the Graduate Coordinator in the Department's Student Services Office by a date specified in the call.

Annually, the Faculty Representative Committee (FRC) appoints an Awards Committee, consisting of three faculty members from the Department of Mathematics, to receive the applications and make a recommendation to the Graduate Program Committee (GPC). The GPC will act on the committee's recommendation and communicate it to Graduate Studies. The winning candidate(s) will be notified shortly thereafter.

If no suitable candidate applies, the award may be held over.

Download the application for the Alice Leung Scholarship (Fillable PDF).

Past Recipients: Alice Leung Scholarship in Mathematics

  • 1997 - N/A
  • 1998 - Maike H. Meyer
  • 1999 - N/A
  • 2000 - Shannon Starr and Genevieve Walsh
  • 2001 - Barbara Mazzag
  • 2002 - Carmeliza Navasca
  • 2003 - Lech Wolowski
  • 2004 - Momar Dieng and Arthur Cheng
  • 2005 - Zhihua Zhang and John Steinberger
  • 2006 - Jesse Johnson
  • 2007 - N/A
  • 2008 - Deanna Needell
  • 2009 - Mihaela Ifrim
  • 2010 - Mohamed Omar and Michael Schwemmer
  • 2011 - David Renfrew
  • 2012 - Wenjing Liao and Dustin Mayeda
  • 2013 - Charles Brummitt
  • 2014 - Lingyun Li
  • 2015 - Eric Samperton
  • 2016 - Federico Castillo and Shuyang Ling
  • 2017 - Beibei Liu
  • 2018 - Subhadip Dey
  • 2019 - Jingyang Shu
  • 2020 - "Black" Fushuai Jiang and Haotian Li
  • 2021 - Ander Aguirre and Shaofeng Deng
  • 2022 - Wenjun Niu and Ye He
  • 2023 - Alexander Black
  • 2024 - Nicholas Cazet