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Jim Diederich

Professor Emeritus
Computer science
Ph.D., 1970, University of California, Riverside

Office: MSB 3208
Phone: 752-1080

AMS Math Reviews

Professor James R. Diederich has worked in analysis and currently does research in computer science, including biological databases and fuzzy systems.

In his work in analysis, Professor Diederich considered generalized notions of limits of values of functions. For example, the mean limit of a function f at a point x is obtained by taking the limit of averaged values of f near x, and Professor Diederich showed that if a function lies in any of several natural classes, it is mean continuous almost everywhere at the boundary of its domain [2].

In his work in computer science, Professor Diederich has studied all aspects of design and use of databases, from theoretical considerations of algorithms to practical questions of databases organization. Most recently, he examined the problem of organizing large integrated biological databases used to classify specimens [3].

Selected publications

  1. Weyl's lemma for pointwise solutions of elliptic equations, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 47 (1975), 341-347.

  2. Natural limits for harmonic and superharmonic functions, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 224 (1977), 381-397.

  3. Basic properties for biological databases: character development and support, Math. Comput. Modelling 25 (1997), 109-127.

  4. Expert workstations: A tool-based approach, Advances in Computer Methods for Systematic Biology, Chapter 7.

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