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Transport in Fluids.


Speaker: Albert Fannjiang, UCD
Location: 693 Kerr
Start time: Mon, Oct 5 1998, 4:10PM

Fluid transport is ubiquitous phenomena ranging from contaminants transport in ground waters, to magnetic fields activity in plasmas, to combustive flames propagation in jet engines. Many mechanisms are involved: convection. reaction, diffusion, compression/expansion,...etc. We will briefly explain how different transport effects occur and, with more details, survey a class of simple transport phenomena that arise in moving fluids with, roughly speaking, repetitive flow structures (periodic, quasi-periodic, or random stationary). In particular, we will consider long time, large scale transport and determine the asymptotics of transport from the statistics information of fluid velocity. We will derive a fairly complete mathematical picture and indicate various directions in which this understanding can be applied and generalized.