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Ben Morris

Probability theory, stochastic processes
Ph.D. Statistics, 2000, University of California, Berkeley

Web Page:
Office: MSB 2105
Phone: 530-754-0286


My research is mostly in discrete probability (e.g., finite Markov chains and random walks on graphs). I am interested in questions like how many shuffles does it take to mix up a deck of cards. Lately I have been studying applications to cryptography.

Selected Publications

  1. Benjamini, I., Gurel-Gurevich, O., and B. Morris. "Linear cover time is exponentially unlikely," to appear in Probability Theory and Related Fields, (2010), Full Text.

  2. B. Morris. "Improved mixing time bounds for the Thorp shuffle," to appear in Combinatorics, Probability, and Comptuing, (2010), Full Text.

  3. Morris, B., Rogaway, P., and T. Stegers. "How to encipher messages on a small domain: deterministic encryption and the Thorp shuffle," Advances in Cryptology-CRYPTO 2009, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 5677:286-302,(2009), Springer, Berlin. Full Text.

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