Jim Diederich Scholarship for Mathematics Majors

Made possible from an endowment that was initiated by a contribution by Jim and Paula Diederich. In making this gift, they wished to provide benefit students whose interest in mathematics is not measured by grade point average alone, but who have special gifts deserving of support.

For whom is this award given?

This individual(s) awarded this scholarship is chosen by committee.

Who is eligible?

Full-time undergraduate students who are declared math majors or other majors certified by the Department of Mathematics at UC Davis. It is the hope of the Diederichs' that students are recognized for such things as, but not limited to, the quality of their intellect, their desire to learn, a special talent, or a desire to use their knowledge for the betterment of society.

What is the award amount?

The Department has flexibility in granting this scholarship. The amount and number of awards can vary.

What is the selection process?

[...] The winner is formally announced at the annual Department's Awards Ceremony.

Past Recipients: Jim Diederich Scholarship for Mathematics Majors

  • 2021 - Emily McPherson
  • 2022 - Hannah Kennedy
  • 2023 - Yaotian Ji