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MAT 205B: Complex Analysis

Approved: 2021-11-02, Hunter/Romik
4 units
Suggested Textbook: (actual textbook varies by instructor; check your instructor)
Complex Analysis, by E. M. Stein and R. Shakarchi (Princeton University Press, 2003)
MAT 205A
Course Description:
A second graduate course in complex analysis covering some of the more advanced topics in the theory. Specific topics will vary depending on the instructor’s preference.
Suggested Schedule:

Any combination of the following topics is suitable to cover; suggested references appear in parentheses:

  • Conformal maps and the Riemann mapping theorem (Chapter 8 in [5])
  • Elliptic functions (Chapter 9 in [5])
  • Modular forms and theta functions; applications to number theory (Chapter 10 in [5])
  • The Fourier transform in complex analysis (Chapter 4 in [5])
  • Entire functions and the Weierstrass-Hadamard theory of infinite products (Chapter 5 in [5])
  • Introduction to Riemann surfaces ([2], [3])
  • Other topics at the instructor’s discretion

The advanced topics covered in MAT205A and MAT205B do not need to be learned in a specific order. In a given year, the instructors teaching those classes may decide to cover some of the advanced topics suggested for MAT205B in MAT205A, and vice versa.


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