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Department of Mathematics Syllabus

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MAT 127C: Real Analysis

Approved: 2015-11-06, John Hunter and Janko Gravner
Suggested Textbook: (actual textbook varies by instructor; check your instructor)
James R. Munkres, Analysis On Manifolds, Westview Press, 1997. (Chapters 1--4 provide an introduction to multi-variable calculus on R^n)
MAT 127B.
Course Description:
Metric spaces and multi-variable calculus.
Suggested Schedule:

Suggested number of lectures are indicated in parentheses.

  • (1) Metric spaces. Norms with examples from R^n.
  • (1) Sequences, limits, and completeness.
  • (1) Open, closed, and connected sets.
  • (1) Compact sets. Heine-Borel theorem.
  • (2) Continuous functions on metric spaces and R^n.
  • (1) Derivatives of functions of several variables. Partial derivatives.
  • (1) Continuously differentiable functions.
  • (1) Higher order partial derivatives.
  • (3) Chain rule.
  • (2) Inverse function theorem.
  • (1) Definition of the Riemann integral of functions of several variables over a rectangle.
  • (1) Statement of the Lebesgue condition.
  • (2) Iterated integrals and the Fubini theorem.
  • (1) The Riemann integral over a bounded set.
  • (2) Properties of the integral.
  • (2) Improper integrals.
  • (3) Change of variables.

Total: 26 lecture