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Department of Mathematics Syllabus

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MAT 128C: Numerical Analysis in Differential Equations

Approved: 1994-03-01 (revised 2011-08-01, A. Cheer)
Suggested Textbook: (actual textbook varies by instructor; check your instructor)
Burden and Faires’ Numerical Analysis, 9th Edition; Brooks Cole Publishing; Pricing with from $173.00 to $244.00
Search by ISBN on Amazon: 9780538733519
(ECS 032A or ENG 006 or EME 005 or ECS 030); (MAT 022A or MAT 027A or MAT 067 or BIS 027A); (MAT 022B or MAT 027B or BIS 027B).
Suggested Schedule:





5.1 – 5.11

Initial-Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations


11.1 – 11.5

Boundary-Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations


12.1 – 12.3

Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential Equations

27-28 Lectures Total

Additional Notes:
5-6 computational problems involving the solution of stated problems using the computer are assigned throughout the quarter. Normally, 1-2 weeks are allowed for their completion.
There is a midterm and final scheduled for this course.