List of Graduate Program Requirements

Student walking and reading among shelves in Shields Library.

Applied, M.S.

  1. Overall requirements
    In total (requirements 2-4), 40 units are required, at least 18 of which should be at the graduate level. MAT 390 does not count, and no more than 9 units in research units (290, 298, 299, etc.) may be used to satisfy the 18-unit requirement of graduate level courses. Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 may be subject to dismissal. Also, 1 unit of GGAM mini-conference (as a 290) is strongly encouraged to take either in the first or second year. Furthermore, students are encouraged to attend the mini-conference every year.

  2. Required general courses
    MAT 119A and MAT 201 (Analysis) A, B, C
    The required general courses cannot be taken on an S/U basis. A GPA of 3.0 must be maintained in 201ABC.

  3. Numerics
    8 units from 226ABC and 228ABC

  4. Application
    Minimum of 12 units in a field of application, of which at least 3 units are outside of Mathematics. For a list of suggested curricula in sample fields, see the GGAM webpage and consult with your potential thesis adviser.

  5. Master Thesis
    Include the date of filing, thesis title and name of adviser.

Approved by Grad Studies Fall 2008.