List of Graduate Program Requirements

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Math, M.A., Master's Plan II (Comprehensive Exam)

This plan requires 36 upper division or graduate units, of which at least 18 must be at the graduate level in mathematics. No more than nine of these 18 units may be in research courses.

  1. Core Courses (20 units total)
    MAT 201 (Analysis), A, B, C, (4 units each) - 12 units total
    MAT 250 (Algebra), A, B (4 units each) - 8 units total

  2. Electives (16 units)
    A program of additional courses approved by the graduate adviser. MAT390 does not count towards this total. No more than 9 units in research seminars (290, 299, etc).

  3. Methods of Teaching Mathematics - MAT390
    Each student who accepts a TAship in the Department of Mathematics is required to complete MAT 390, which is taught every Fall quarter. Most students take this in their first year, even if they are supported by a fellowship. MAT 390 does not count toward degree units (but does count for the 12-unit minimum required for registration each quarter).

  4. Master's Comprehensive Examination
    This is a written exam which comprises graduate material as covered in the following courses: MAT 201ABC and MAT 250AB. The examination must be taken before the end of the 6th quarter of study. The Department offers this twice a year, normally at the beginning of Fall and Spring quarters.

Approved by Grad Studies Fall 2007.