List of Graduate Program Requirements

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Applied, M.S., Master's Plan II (Comprehensive Examination)

This plan requires 36 units of adviser-approved, graduate courses (the 200 series only). A comprehensive final examination based on MAT 207ABC is required of each candidate. No thesis is required. Students will enroll for 12 units per quarter including research, academic, and seminar units. Each of the core courses (MAT 207ABC) must be passed with a grade of at least B. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 overall.

  1. Core Courses - 12 units total
    Students are required to take the MAT 207 (Methods of Applied Mathematics) series, 12 units total.

  2. Electives - 24 units total
    Numerics: 12 units of numerics selected from MAT 226ABC (Numerical Methods) and MAT 228ABC (Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations)

    Advanced Mathematics: Additional 12 units of 200-level Mathematics courses whose course numbers are 279 or less. One mathematics-oriented graduate course outside of Mathematics, could be substituted but only with prior approval by GGAMEXEC.

    MAT 390: Each student who accepts a TAship in the Department of Mathematics is required to complete MAT390, which is taught every Fall quarter. Most students take this in their first year, even if they are supported by a fellowship. MAT 390 does not count toward degree units (but does count for the 12-unit minimum required for registration each quarter).

  3. Comprehensive Examination
    The comprehensive examination is given at the beginning of the Fall and Spring quarters. Students will take the comprehensive exam in the Fall quarter of year 2 (4th quarter). If they do not pass at that time, they can take the exam for a second time in the Spring quarter of year 2 (6th quarter). The comprehensive exam is a three-hour written exam which comprises material covered in MAT 207ABC.

Approved by Grad Studies Fall 2010.