UC Davis Mathematics

Graduate Financial Information

Partial list of fellowships and awards

All of our students, as long as they are in good academic standing, continue to make progress toward their degree, and perform satisfactorily in an appointed position (such as TAship or AIship), receive departmental or University financial support of some type. A GPA of no less than 3.0 must be maintained and, each academic quarter (Fall/Winter/Spring), a student must register for at least twelve units. This support consists of a salary or stipend, plus full or partial fee remission. For nonresidents, several fellowships are available to help pay the nonresident tuition.
Opportunities for financial aid include:

PositionSupport*How To ApplyApplication DeadlineAwards Made
Associate Instructor $2404.28mo Call for applications sent internally by the Math Dept Per call (varies) Varies
Graduate Fellowships $833-$3,000/mo.
For new students, look for the Fellowship Application within the Admissions application process. For continuing students, see the Applications link below. Jan 15 For new students, by March 15. For continuing students, by June.
Graduate Student Researcher $872-$2243/mo. Through a faculty with sponsored research Quarter before Varies
Teaching Assistant $924-$2294.78/mo New and continuing Math students are automatically considered. For non-Math students, obtain application (below) and return to Math Dept. Quarter before (w/transcripts and 3 letters of recommendation) Varies
Reader $15.78/hr. New and continuing Math students are automatically considered. For non-Math students, obtain application (below) and return to Math Dept. Just prior to start of quarter. 1st day of class

*Accurate as of August 2017, based on salary rates put into effect October 2017. Fee waiver is also a benefit, amount varies.


Internal Fellowship Application for New and Continuing Students. Use this to apply for university fellowships. Each year, all students are encouraged to see what campus fellowships are available. For continuing students, discuss with your adviser whether or not you should apply. For new and continuing students, the campus fellowship deadline every year is January 15.

Teaching Assistant (TA) in Math: Get the application online here.

Readership in Math: Information about Reader position and application.

FILE A FAFSA (US citizens, permanent residents or immigrants):

Some awards/fellowships are based on financial need as well as academic eligibility. For example, through the math department, domestic new and continuing students may receive support through our GAANN grant (Government Assistance in Areas of National Need). To be considered for ANY award (whether thru the department or the university) which includes need-based eligibility, graduate students who are US citizens, permanent residents or immigrants are required to file a "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA), or a renewal. Although the FAFSA can be filed at any time, it is strongly suggested that you file by the priority filing date of March 1, each and every year you are here. This form, submitted directly to the Federal Student Aid Program Office, Iowa City, Iowa, is used to determine financial need only. The FAFSA may be obtained from the UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships Office) any U.S. institution of higher education, or from the U.S. Department of Education's Student Financial Assistance web site at FAFSA online.


NOTE: If you are an applicant to one of our graduate programs, it is NOT necessary to submit a separate TA application as the information provided in your graduate admissions application is entirely sufficient. All of our admissions applicants are automatically considered for all sources of departmental funding, including TAships.

TAships, AIships, and GSRships offer excellent opportunities to gain invaluable experience in areas of intrinsic importance to your graduate education and to receive financial support at the same time. As the above table shows, these positions provide salary plus partial or full fee remission. A minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA is required to hold an academic appointment and the student must be registered for no less than twelve units.

If a student is on PELP (Planned Educational Leave Plan) or on Filing Fee status (doing dissertation work only), only one quarter of employment is allowed.

When speaking of student employment, we refer to an appointment as either 25% (of full-time) or 50% (of full-time), which is the maximum allowed without filing a Petition to Exception to Policy. A 25% appointment is approximately 10 hours per week. A 50% appointment is approximately 20 hours per week. GSRships (whether at 25% or 50% time) provide full remission of in-state fees. TAships and AIships (whether at 25% or 50% time) provide almost full remission of most of the in-state fees. This university policy is reviewed for renewal each year.

For GSRships, contact the faculty directly about availability of such a position and for information on what the duties will include.

For TAships, contact the math department's Student Business Coordinator. Duties for a TA may include problem-solving sessions and office hours for students' questions, and grading exams.

For AIships, a call for applications is sent internally by the department. AIs have primary responsibility for the class.


For a position as a reader, contact the math's department Student Business Coordinator.
Readers grade homework in undergraduate classes and may hold an appointment as a Reader for a maximum of 19 hours a week. Assignments are awarded according to experience.


If you are not a California resident, you may apply for Nonresident Tuition Fee Fellowship (NRTF). Consult the Graduate Application for details. Domestic students who have been in California for three academic quarters and have elected not to be classified residents of the state are not eligible. Residency questions may be addressed to the Residence Deputy of the Office of the Registrar, or feel free to call them directly at (530) 752-4749.

Students must be enrolled full time, taking no fewer than 12 units of work in 100 and 200 series courses in the quarter(s) for which the NRTF are awarded.