Hazel B. Jacoby Fellowship

For whom is this award given?

The Fellowship shall be awarded by the Department of Mathematics for the purposes of both recruiting intellectually promising graduate students entering their first year of graduate-level study and retaining outstanding continuing graduate students.  Fellowship recipients shall be known as "Jacoby Fellows."

Who is eligible?

Entering first year or outstanding continuing graduate students.  Fellowships will be awarded to female students. Previous winners of this award are not eligible.

What is the award amount?

Typically $4,000 is given to a recipient. In exceptional cases, two awards may be given.

What is the selection process?

Annually, the Faculty Representative Committee (FRC) appoints an Awards Committee, consisting of three faculty members from the Department of Mathematics, who will review potential recipients and make their recommendation to the Graduate Program Committee (GPC). The GPC will act on the committee's recommendation and communicate it to Graduate Studies. The winning candidate(s) will be notified shortly thereafter.

Past Recipients: Hazel B. Jacoby Fellowship

  • 2019 (Inaugural year) - Jennifer Brown, Xiaotie Chen
  • 2020 - Kayleigh Adams, Gal Dimand, Jianping Pan
  • 2021 - Keli Loritsch and Brittney Marsters
  • 2022 - Valerie Fong and Mary Claire Simone