Math, M.A., Master's Plan II (Comprehensive Exam)

This plan requires 36 upper division or graduate units, of which at least 20 must be at the graduate level in mathematics. No more than nine of these 20 units may be in research courses.

  • Core Courses (20 units total) 
    MAT 201 (Analysis), A, B (4 units each) - 8 units total
    MAT 250 (Algebra), A, B (4 units each) - 8 units total

    And one of: 

    • 201C Analysis (4 units)

    • 215A Topology (4 units)

    • 239 Differential Topology (4 units)

  • Electives (16 units) 

    • All courses at the 200 level count towards elective units. No more than 6 units  of MAT 280 (Topics in Mathematics) may be counted toward the M.A. Courses at the 300 level do not count toward the unit requirement of the M.A. Degree.

  • Methods of Teaching Mathematics - MAT 390 

    • Each student who accepts a TAship in the Department of Mathematics is required to complete MAT 390, which is taught every Fall quarter. Most students take this in their first year, even if they are supported by a fellowship. MAT 390 does not count toward degree units, but does count for the 12-unit minimum required for registration each quarter.

  • Master's Comprehensive Examination 

    • This is a written exam which comprises advanced undergraduate and graduate material, as covered in the following courses: 201AB, 215A, 239, and 250AB or 150ABC. The written exam consists of three parts: Analysis (201AB), Topology (215A and 239), and Algebra (250AB or 150ABC). Fulfilling the comprehensive written examination requirement means passing two of the three parts of the exam. Students may take any or all three parts, but must pass at least two parts to fulfill the requirement.  

    • The GPC has overall responsibility for the exam including creating the exam, administering the exam, and determining the outcome (passing score) for the exam. The instructors of the previous year’s courses contribute questions and help grade the exam. The department offers this examination twice a year, normally at the beginning of Fall and Spring quarters. A passing score on the examination must be achieved before the end of the 6th quarter of study.


Approved by Grad Studies 2021