Graduate Information

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The Department of Mathematics at UC Davis is widely recognized for its dynamic and innovative approach to mathematics. With an active research program in both pure and applied mathematics, opportunities to work closely with faculty, a university library system that is one of the finest in the nation, and a desirable location halfway between the Bay Area and the Sierra Nevada, the University of California, Davis has much to offer the dedicated student of mathematics.

The Department offers programs leading to these degrees: M.A. (Mathematics Program), M.S. (Applied Mathematics), and Ph.D. (both the Mathematics and the Applied Mathematics programs). For all programs, admission is limited and selective. Students entering the Department of Mathematics graduate programs can work in any of the areas in mathematics and applied mathematics represented by the Department faculty.

Basic courses are available in most of the principal branches of pure and applied mathematics: algebra, analysis, differential equations, geometry, topology, numerical analysis, optimization and probability theory. In addition, special topics courses and seminars allow the student to reach the frontiers of current mathematical knowledge. This wide variety of offerings permits graduate students to design a program best suited to their interests and needs.

The Department of Mathematics consists of over 40 faculty members as well as a large number of postdoctoral scholars and visiting faculty, with about 15-20 in residence each year. Over 100 graduate students study in one of the campus' Mathematics graduate programs. Faculty, visitors and graduate students at Davis come from around the world.

Consult the individual program web sites for their brochure and further details.