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Preparing for College

The University has many student-centered programs that provide tutoring, mentoring, academic preparation, college counseling and other services directly to K-12 students:


What mathematics courses should you be taking in high school to prepare for coming to UC Davis?

To satisfy the University's Subject Requirement ("A-G" Coursework) in Mathematics, take three years of college-preparatory mathematics. For more details on this, go to the UC Davis Admissions Requirements web page.

However, if you expect to be majoring in mathematics or science, you should take pre-calculus while still in high school. Ideally, also take trigonometry and calculus as well (although it's less critical that these be accomplished before you enter college). As important as the content of these courses is your attitude toward what you are learning. For any mathematics you study, work very hard to understand what is going on. Don't simply memorize formulas and practice easy problems; try to be sure you know where the formulas come from and how all of the mathematics you are learning fits together.

Did you know that while still in high school, you can take courses at UC Davis?
This is done through the UC Extension's Open Campus program. Naturally, you'll want to thoroughly discuss this with your counselor and your parents/guardians. FIND OUT MORE

Financing a UC Education

Your college education is one of the most important investments you can make during your lifetime. Today, a college education is a necessity for many careers and jobs, and a college degree is required preparation for advanced study in many fields.

You already know that preparing yourself academically for college takes planning and effort. So does managing the cost of your college education. The University of California is committed to helping all academically eligible students attend, regardless of their economic circumstances.

To find out more information about the UC system and managing the cost of your college education, take a look as these helpful links:

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