UC Davis Mathematics

James Bremer

Associate Professor
Harmonic Analysis
Ph.D., 2007, Yale University
Refereed publications: Via Math Reviews

Web Page: http://www.math.ucdavis.edu/~bremer/
Email: bremer@math.ucdavis.edu
Office: MSB 2230
Current Courses: MAT128C
Office Hours: MWF 2:10-3:00
Phone: 530-754-6887

Research Interests

Numerical analysis and computational science, particularly the development of fast solvers for the numerical solution of partial differential equations.

Selected Publications

    [1] J. Bremer. "A fast direct solver for the integral equations of scattering theory on planar domains with corners," Journal of Computational Physics, 231: 1879-1899, 2012. Full Text.

    [2] J. Bremer, and Z. Gimbutas. "A Nystrom method for weakly singular integral operators on surfaces," Journal of Computational Physics, to appear. Full Text.

    [3] J. Bremer, V. Rokhlin, and I. Sammis. "Universal quadratures for boundary integral equations," Journal of Computational Physics, 229: 8259-8280, 2010. Full Text.

    [1] J. Bremer, Z. Gimbutas, and V. Rokhlin. "A nonlinear optimization procedure for generalized Gaussian quadratures," SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing, 32(4): 1761-1788, 2010. Full Text.

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