UC Davis Mathematics

Thomas Strohmer

Computational mathematics
Ph.D., 1994
Refereed publications: Via Math Reviews

Web Page: http://www.math.ucdavis.edu/~strohmer/
Email: strohmer@math.ucdavis.edu
Office: MSB 3144
Phone: 530-752-1071


Thomas Strohmer’s areas of research interest are applied harmonic analysis, numerical analysis, scientific computing, signal and image processing, information and communication theory, and high-dimensional data analysis.

Selected Publications

  1. K. Groechenig and T.Strohmer. " Pseudodifferential operators on locally compact abelian groups and Sjoestrand's symbol class. " Journal fuer die reine und angewandte Mathematik, to appear. arXiv0604.5294.

  2. T. Strohmer. " Pseudodifferential operators and Banach algebras for mobile communications. " Appl. Comp. Harm. Anal., 20(2): 237-249, 2006. MathSciNet2207837.

  3. D. Love, R. Heath Jr., and T. Strohmer. " Grassmannian beamforming for multiple-input multiple-output wireless systems. " IEEE Trans. Information Theory, 49(10): 2735-2747, 2003.

  4. T. Strohmer, and R. Heath Jr. " Grassmannian frames with applications to coding and communications. " Appl. Comp. Harm. Anal., 14(3): 257-275, 2003. arXiv0301.5135.

  5. A.J.E.M. Janssen and T. Strohmer. " Characterization and computation of canonical tight windows for Gabor frames. " J.Four.Anal.Appl., 8 (1):1-28, 2002. arXiv0010.5245.

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