General Profile


James Bremer

Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
Ph.D., 2007, Yale University

Web Page:
Phone: 530-754-6887

Research Interests

Numerical analysis and computational science, particularly the development of fast solvers for the numerical solution of partial differential equations.

Selected Publications

  1. J. Bremer. "A fast direct solver for the integral equations of scattering theory on planar domains with corners," Journal of Computational Physics, 231: 1879-1899, 2012. Full Text.
  2. J. Bremer, and Z. Gimbutas. "A Nystrom method for weakly singular integral operators on surfaces," Journal of Computational Physics, to appear.
  3. J. Bremer, V. Rokhlin, and I. Sammis. "Universal quadratures for boundary integral equations," Journal of Computational Physics, 229: 8259-8280, 2010. Full Text.
  4. J. Bremer, Z. Gimbutas, and V. Rokhlin. "A nonlinear optimization procedure for generalized Gaussian quadratures," SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing, 32(4): 1761-1788, 2010.

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