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Fixing of moduli by fluxes in type IIA string theory

QMAP Seminar

Speaker: Klaus Behrndt, Potsdam
Location: 416 Phys-Geo
Start time: Tue, Oct 12 2004, 4:15PM

Compactifications in the presence of fluxes can lift (at least part of) the moduli space of vacua. This has been explored to a large extent in type IIB string theory. We explore the analogous setup on the IIA side and argue that all (closed string) moduli can be fixed by fluxes. The fluxes have a strong back reaction on the geometry resulting in an internal space that has only weak SU(3) holonomy (or is nearly Kaehler). The 4d vacuum is AdS and we argue that it can be lifted to a dS vacuum as in the KKLT-scenario on the IIB side or by employing the Brown/Teitelboim mechanism.