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De Sitter's Dual: Finite Fuzzy Fermionic Fock Space

QMAP Seminar

Speaker: Maulik Parikh, Columbia
Location: 416 PhysGeo
Start time: Thu, Dec 16 2004, 2:00PM

In one formulation of the holographic principle, the dual to de Sitter space should only have a finite number of states. But the noncompactness of the de Sitter group forbids the existence of finite-dimensional unitary representations. I show that, for an intriguing time-unorientable variant of de Sitter space called elliptic de Sitter space, it is nevertheless possible to construct an S-matrix that is finite-dimensional, de Sitter-invariant, and unitary. The holographic dual of de Sitter space can be written in terms of spinor fields living on a boundary sphere which is, in some sense, fuzzy.