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A Unified Framework for Information Coding in the Brain: Memory, Oscillations and Zombie Modes

Mathematical Biology

Speaker: Andrew Sornborger, UC Davis, Mathematics
Location: 1147 MSB
Start time: Mon, Dec 8 2014, 3:10PM

Synchronous neural activity can improve neural processing and is believed to mediate neuronal interaction by providing temporal windows during which information is more easily transferred. We demonstrate a pulse gating mechanism in a feedforward network that can exactly propagate graded information through a multilayer circuit. Based on this mechanism, we present a unified framework wherein neural information coding and processing can be considered as a product of linear maps under the active control of a pulse generator. Distinct control and processing components combine to form the basis for the binding, propagation, and processing of dynamically routed information within neural pathways. Using our framework, we construct example neural circuits to 1) maintain a short-term memory, 2) compute time-windowed Fourier transforms, and 3) perform spatial rotations. We postulate that such circuits, with stereotyped control and processing of information, are the neural correlates of Crick and Koch's zombie modes.

See: arXiv:1410.1115 and arXiv:1410.1116