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Some recent developments in 2d (0,2) theories

QMAP Seminar

Speaker: Eric Sharpe, Virginia Tech
Location: MSB 1147
Start time: Mon, May 11 2015, 4:10PM

In this talk I will review a number of recent developments in perturbative heterotic string compactifications and two-dimensional (0,2) theories in particular. I'll begin with a general overview of chiral ring structures in two dimensions, including quantum sheaf cohomology, the heterotic analogue of quantum cohomology. I'll then turn to dualities in 2d (0,2) theories. I'll show how many dualities can be understood in simple terms as geometric equivalences. I'll then turn to Gadde-Gukov-Putrov triality as a particularly interesting case that, unlike most others, cannot be simply understood solely in geometry. I will discuss recent checks of triality via chiral ring computations, joint with Bei Jia and Jirui Guo.

Reception to Follow