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Recent progress on the large BV existence of p-system

PDE and Applied Math Seminar

Speaker: Geng Chen, University of Kansas
Location: 2122 MSB
Start time: Thu, Nov 9 2017, 4:10PM

The large BV existence of p-system is a long standing open problem. We consider two sub-problems: 1, how to find a positive time dependent lower bound on density for BV solutions; 2, how to find a BV estimate for solutions away from vacuum. The resolution of these two problems will finally provide a large BV existence theory. In this talk, we will discuss the progress on both of these problems. Especially, a very recent result shows that Glimm-Lax' existence theory for large BV and small L^\infty solution can be extended to a much more general case when we assume that there are only finite many large shocks on the (x,t)-plane and solution is away from vacuum. This talk includes joint works with Alberto Bressan and Qingtian Zhang.