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Feigin-Frenkel image of the generalized Witten-Kontsevich point

QMAP Seminar

Speaker: Martin Luu, UC Davis
Location: 2112 MSB
Start time: Fri, Dec 7 2018, 12:00PM

Long ago, Witten conjectured (and Kontsevich proved) a relation between topological gravity and the KdV integrable hierarchy. There exists an analogous special point in the phase space of general Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies. It can be described via the action of a Segal-Sugawara operator. A question arises: Using the results of Feigin and Frenkel that relate opers with the center of a vertex algebra, Segal-Sugawara operators (for a Langlands dual Lie algebra!) enter the picture. In this talk I will explain the relation.

Seminar starts at 12 sharp.