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Abelianization and its $q$-deformation

QMAP Seminar

Speaker: Andrew Neitzke, Yale University and University of Texas, Austin
Related Webpage: https://web.ma.utexas.edu/users/neitzke/
Location: 2112 MSB
Start time: Fri, Dec 6 2019, 11:00AM

I will describe joint work in progress with Fei Yan, concerning a new geometric construction which quantizes the “abelianization” map between moduli spaces of flat $GL(N)$-connections on a surface $C$ and flat $GL(1)$-connections on spectral covers of $C$. The physical context of the construction is the study of framed BPS states in $N=2$ supersymmetric field theories. The construction extends and reinterprets previous work of Bonahon-Wong, Gabella, and Galakhov-Longhi-Moore. A byproduct is a new scheme for computing specializations of the HOMFLY polynomials of links.