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Mathematics of Data & Decisions

Speaker: Richard Levenson, UC Davis, Medical School/Pathology
Related Webpage: https://health.ucdavis.edu/team/search/11653/richard-levenson---pathology-and-laboratory-medicine-sacramento
Location: 1147 MSB
Start time: Tue, Feb 11 2020, 4:10PM

Radiology moved on from film to direct-to-digital years ago, creating an open arena for the development of mathematical image processing tools, now being enhanced by artificial intelligence applications. Pathology, also an image-centric discipline, is only now dipping its toes into the digital world, largely because the glass microscope slide, unlike film in radiology, has not been supplanted, meaning that the digitization step is an added cost and inconvenience. Consequently, histopathology is only now getting serious about the opportunities for digital image enhancement and automated diagnostics. Fortunately, this step coincides with the recent blooming of AI, and thus there are a number of exciting research, clinical and commercial areas to pursue. Topics to be discussed include novel slide-free imaging technologies, AI-based image modulation, (big) data fusion, and extraction of additional, previously latent, content.