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6th Bay Area Optimization Meeting

Special Events

Speaker: Alper Atamturk, Peter Frazier, Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy, Wotao Yin, Peter Glynn, Steve Wright, Bin Yu
Related Webpage: https://apm.ieor.berkeley.edu/bayopt-2020/
Location: 306 Soda UC Berkeley
Start time: Fri, Dec 31 2049, 9:00AM

The Sixth Bay Area Optimization Meeting will be hosted at University of California, Berkeley on ...... TBA (originally scheduled for May 2020) .......

The meeting will bring together leaders in optimization, variational
analysis, and applications. Seven lectures by experts in the field
will describe state-of-the-art models and algorithms as well as
real-world applications from public and private sectors.

University of California, Berkeley

For further information, please see https://apm.ieor.berkeley.edu/bayopt-2020/

Program Committee

Anil Aswani, University of California, Berkeley (Local organizer)
Matthias Koeppe, University of California, Davis
Johannes O. Royset, Naval Postgraduate School (Chair)
Yinyu Ye, Stanford University