Mathematics Colloquia and Seminars

PDE and Applied Math SeminarLuli (F), Shkoller (W), Strohmer (S)PastFuture
Algebra & Discrete MathematicsSchilling (F), Vazirani (W), DeLoera (S)PastFuture
Geometry/TopologyKapovich (F), Jacob (W), Schultens (S)PastFuture
Mathematical BiologyVazquez (F), Guy (W), Walcott (S)PastFuture
Mathematical Physics & ProbabilityNachtergaele (F), Morris (W), Koroteev (S)PastFuture
Optimization(Special topics only)PastFuture
String TheoryWaldron (F), Schwarz (W), Mulase (S)PastFuture
ColloquiumMulase, Nachtergaele, ShkollerPastFuture
GGAM ColloquiumPastFuture
Distinguished Lecture SeriesNachtergaele, Mulase, Shkoller PastFuture
Student-Run Applied & Math SeminarSchiffman/PatelPastFuture
Student-Run Discrete Math SeminarKvinge/CastilloPastFuture
Student-Run Geometry/Topology SeminarGallup/Koenig/LambPastFuture
Student-Run Algebraic Geometry SeminarPastFuture
Student-Run Computer Program for Mathematics SeminarPastFuture
Student-Run Optimization and Variational AnalysisPastFuture
Featured Campus SeminarsPastFuture
Special EventsPastFuture

Upcoming Talks

MSB 2112Student-Run Geometry/Topology SeminarDavi Maximo, Stanford University
Tue, Feb 16 2016, 11:00AMIntro Talk: Minimal surfaces with bounded index
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyDavi Maximo, Stanford University
Tue, Feb 16 2016, 1:10PMMinimal surfaces with bounded index
MSB 2112Student-Run Applied & Math SeminarFederico Castillo, UC Davis
Wed, Feb 17 2016, 12:10PMWhat is... Semidefinite programming?
MSB 2112Mathematical Physics & ProbabilityDaniel Ueltschi, University of Warwick
Wed, Feb 17 2016, 4:10PMPhase diagram of quantum spin systems with S=1 and SU(2)-invariant interactions
MSB 3106PDE and Applied Math SeminarSunny Canic, University of Houston
Thu, Feb 18 2016, 4:10PMFluid-elastic structure interaction with the Navier slip boundary condition
MSB 1147Algebra & Discrete MathematicsMatt Hogancamp, U Indiana
Fri, Feb 19 2016, 1:10PMCategorified sl_N spiders and Sym^n-projectors
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySook Lim, University of Cincinnati
Fri, Feb 19 2016, 3:10PMTBA
1147Special EventsBob Guy, Ying He, James Sharpnack, Andrew Sornborger, Mimi Tsuruga, Qinglan Xia, UC Davis
Sat, Feb 20 2016, 9:30AMGGAM Miniconference
MSB 1147Algebra & Discrete MathematicsAnastasia Chavez, UCB
Mon, Feb 22 2016, 1:10PMDehn-Sommerville relations and the Catalan Matroid
MSB 2112Student-Run Geometry/Topology SeminarYanir Rubinstein, University of Maryland
Tue, Feb 23 2016, 11:00AMIntro Talk: A crash course in complex geometry
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyYanir Rubinstein, University of Maryland
Tue, Feb 23 2016, 1:10PMTian's properness conjectures
MSB 2112Student-Run Applied & Math SeminarCarson Rogers, UC Davis
Wed, Feb 24 2016, 12:10PMTBA
MSB 2112PDE and Applied Math SeminarValentin Zagrebnov, Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille
Wed, Feb 24 2016, 3:42PMTBA
MSB 3106PDE and Applied Math SeminarAndrew Lawrie, UC Berkeley
Thu, Feb 25 2016, 4:10PMWave maps with large data
Math Science Building 1147Special EventsHolroyd, Sturmfels and Diaconis, various
Fri, Feb 26 2016, 2:29PMUC Davis Festival of Mathematics (part 1)
Giedt Hall 1001Special EventsDiaconis, Flapan, Gravner, Thomas, Sturmfels, various
Sat, Feb 27 2016, 8:00AMAnnual Math. Association of America Golden Meeting
MSB 1147Algebra & Discrete MathematicsAlexander Holroyd
Mon, Feb 29 2016, 11:00AMFinitely Dependent Coloring
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyDaniel DeWoskin, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 29 2016, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Student-Run Applied & Math SeminarChuanbin Li, UC Davis
Wed, Mar 2 2016, 12:10PMTBA
MSB 3106PDE and Applied Math SeminarIgor Kukavica, USC
Thu, Mar 3 2016, 4:10PMLocal existence and blowup results for the Prandtl equations
MSB 1147Algebra & Discrete MathematicsNathan Williams
Mon, Mar 7 2016, 1:10PMtba
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyOn Shun Pak, Santa Clara University
Mon, Mar 7 2016, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Student-Run Applied & Math SeminarAndrew Smith
Wed, Mar 9 2016, 12:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Mathematical Physics & ProbabilityLeo Petrov, University of Virginia
Wed, Mar 9 2016, 4:10PMThe quantum integrable particle system on the line
MSB 1147Algebra & Discrete MathematicsIvan Losev, Northeastern
Mon, Mar 14 2016, 1:10PMCacti and cells
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyBlerta Shtylla, Pomona College
Mon, Mar 14 2016, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Student-Run Applied & Math SeminarPatrick Weed, UC Davis
Wed, Mar 30 2016, 12:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyRichard Montgomery, UC Santa Cruiz
Tue, Apr 5 2016, 1:10PMTBA
MSB 1147Special EventsLek-Heng Lim, University of Chicago
Thu, Apr 28 2016, 4:10PMTBA