Mathematics Colloquia and Seminars

PDE and Applied Math SeminarLuli (F), Shkoller (W), Strohmer (S)PastFuture
Algebra & Discrete MathematicsSchilling (F), Vazirani (W), DeLoera (S)PastFuture
Math CircleHaddockPastFuture
Geometry/TopologyKapovich (F), Jacob (W), Schultens (S)PastFuture
Mathematical BiologyVazquez (F), Guy (W), Walcott (S)PastFuture
Mathematical Physics & ProbabilityNachtergaele (F), Morris (W), Koroteev (S)PastFuture
Optimization(Special topics only)PastFuture
String TheoryWaldron (F), Schwarz (W), Mulase (S)PastFuture
ColloquiumMulase, Nachtergaele, ShkollerPastFuture
GGAM ColloquiumPastFuture
Distinguished Lecture SeriesNachtergaele, Mulase, Shkoller PastFuture
Student-Run Applied & Math SeminarSchiffman/PatelPastFuture
Student-Run Discrete Math SeminarKvinge/CastilloPastFuture
Student-Run Geometry/Topology SeminarGallup/Koenig/LambPastFuture
Student-Run Algebraic Geometry SeminarPastFuture
Student-Run Computer Program for Mathematics SeminarPastFuture
Special EventsPastFuture

Upcoming Talks

MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyEugene Gorsky, UC Davis
Tue, Oct 6 2015, 1:10PMHeegaard Floer homology of L-space links
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyAnastasiia Tsvietkova, UC Davis
Tue, Oct 13 2015, 1:10PMThe number of surfaces of fixed genus in an alternating link complement
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyTye Lidman, IAS (Princeton)
Tue, Oct 20 2015, 1:10PMFloer homotopy and covering spaces
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyCornelia Van Cott, University of San Francisco
Tue, Oct 27 2015, 1:10PMThe four-genus of connected sums of torus knots
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyKenji Kozai, UC Berkeley
Tue, Nov 3 2015, 1:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyJo Nelson, Columbia and IAS
Tue, Nov 10 2015, 1:10PMAn Integral lift of contact homology
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyMichael Kapovich, UC Davis
Tue, Nov 17 2015, 1:10PMDiscreteness is undecidable
MSB 2112Geometry/TopologyGreg Kuperberg, UC Davis
Tue, Dec 1 2015, 1:10PMAlgorithmic homeomorphism of 3-manifolds as a corollary of geometrization