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Quantum Walks - An approach to quantum computing

Special Events

Speaker: Julia Kempe, CNRS-researcher at the LRI-Orsay
Location: 3001 EPS
Start time: Thu, May 6 2004, 4:10PM

Quantum Computing has entered the scene in areas as disparate as computer science, physics and engineering. Besides being a fascinating area of research in its own right it has also triggered a deeper understanding of the essence of information, computation and complexity. Theoretical algorithmic and cryptographic results have made the quest to build a quantum computer one of the biggest engineering challenges today.

In this talk I will present some problems and results in quantum computing, viewed through the lens of quantum walks. Quantum walks are the quantum counterparts of classical random walks, and have been introduced in quantum computing as an algorithmic tool. I will outline similarities and differences to random walks and illustrate how ideas and intuitions stemming from physics can help in the design of algorithms. I will also discuss some challenges that lie ahead in quantum computing.

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Refreshments: 386 Kerr Hall at 3:30pm