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Generalized theta functions and moduli spaces of bundles over curves


Speaker: Dragos Oprea, Stanford University
Location: 1147 MSB
Start time: Tue, Mar 18 2008, 4:10PM

The Jacobian of any compact Riemann surface carries a natural theta divisor, which can be defined as the zero locus of an explicit function, the Riemann theta function. I will describe a generalization of this idea, which starts by replacing the Jacobian with the moduli space of higher rank bundles. These moduli spaces also carry theta divisors, described via "generalized" theta functions. In this talk, I will describe recent progress in the study of generalized theta functions. In particular, I will explain a level-rank duality relating different spaces of generalized theta functions. This is based on joint work with Alina Marian.

Job Talk - refreshments provided.