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The Shape of Data

Special Events

Speaker: Gunnar Carlsson, Stanford
Location: 1147 MSB
Start time: Thu, Apr 30 2015, 4:10PM

Although there is a great deal of discussion around "Big Data", it is often the complexity of the data rather than its size that limits the use we can make of it. For this reason, it is vital to develop methods of representing complex data which permit it to be quickly interrogated and which makes clear the features of the data, suitably defined. The notion of shape, as encoded in a metric, turns out to provide one solution to this problem. Topology, the mathematical subdiscipline which concerns itself with shape, turns out to be very useful. We will discuss how it can be made useful in data analysis, with numerous examples.

This is the 7th Joint Math-Stat Colloquium. The pre-colloquium reception starts at 3:30pm in 1147 MSB.